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Below are a few answers to the most common questions that come up regarding the services Checks & Balances Plus offers. If you have a question not listed here or would like more information please Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you.

1. How do I know my money will be safe?

Checks & Balances Plus procedures and controls were developed by a CPA with over 40 years experience. Checks & Balances Plus is Bonded and Insured and is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Missouri.

2. Who can answer my questions when they arise?

CHECKS & BALANCES PLUS is a local company with corporate headquarters located in Chesterfield, Missouri. We are only a phone call away. Questions will be answered quickly and courteously.

3. Do you take credit cards to pay my bill to you?

It is much easier than that. When your monthly bills are processed, Checks & Balances Plus includes the payment of our fees. Since the fees are a flat monthly fee, it will generally be the same amount each month. This will be reflected in the list of bills to be paid that is sent to you.

4. You indicate that there is some schedule that is provided to help in my annual income tax preparation. Can you explain this?

Each month, you are provided a list of all checks being paid. The monthly lists are accumulated and at the end of the year, CHECKS & BALANCES PLUS will provide a Schedule of the 12 monthly lists with totals by vendor. Since the procedures were developed by a CPA, it became apparent that this would be of immeasurable help to clients in accumulating information to provide to one’s tax preparer.

5. How long a period do we have to contract for?

There is no minimum contract period. You may cancel the service at any time.

6. What is the one time set up fee for?

This fee is to reimburse us for the cost of the set-up of the accounts, changing billing addresses, and other required operations to get the account started.

7. Is it possible for the monthly information to be sent to several people? I would like my 2 sons and my daughter to see this information.

Each month we send a list of invoices and copies of all the bills to be paid. We can send copies of these, via email, to up to three (3) additional people at no additional charge.

8. What if I need a check for my granddaughter’s birthday or graduation and or son’s anniversary?

You can contact CHECKS & BALANCES PLUS to make us aware of this “special” type of payment. We will then have a check produced in your granddaughter’s name and mail it to you. You can then personally give it to her or put it in your own card and mail it to her.

9. How do I get started?

Call us at 636-449-1298 or fill out the Contact Us information and we will contact you personally to discuss your specific bill paying needs