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What can Checks & Balances Plus do for you?

Checks & Balances Plus offers clients a unique convenient, secure and affordable personalized bill paying service. Our mission is to simplify our clients’ lives by assisting with the organization of bills and the management of finances to free them from the burden of monthly bill paying. Simply put, we help our clients spend more time doing what they love.

Doctors & Physicians

are you tired of paying bills checks and balances plus st. louis

Too busy to pay your bills? Receiving late fees and notices? Less than perfect credit because of late payments? Checks & Balances Plus can eliminate this problem by handling the details of organizing, managing and paying your bills each month.

Whether you work long hours or travel for business we will…

  • Manage your bills
  • Protect your accounts from fraud with established procedures and controls
  • Track and ensure timely bill payments
  • Provide a detailed monthly bill payment history
  • Provide a Summary Report to help in year-end income tax preparation

Attorneys, Business Owners, Estate Planners & Professionals

caring for family or loved ones checks and balances plus st. louis, mo bill paying service

Checks & Balances Plus assists attorneys and estate planners whose billable time is of most importance.

We provide…

  • An added value for your clients
  • Professional, reliable services
  • Referral opportunities
  • Detailed paperwork, if necessary, to monitor client activity
  • Helps eliminate sibling concerns and frustrations

Home Health Agencies

do you need more time for family or leisure checks and balances plus st. louis

Checks & Balances Plus provides a much needed bill pay service to home health agencies clients.

This includes…

  • A professional value-add service you can pass along to your clients
  • An alternative to caregivers unknowingly providing this service, illegally
  • Secure and detailed methodology for families

Banks & Financial Institutions

do you need more time for family or leisure checks and balances plus st. louis

Checks & Balances Plus provides a unique value-add service for banks and financial institutions.

We can…

  • Take over the bill paying services for trust departments and other divisions who outsource this task
  • Work with seniors who may consume an inordinate amount of banker time
  • Handle multiple clients across branches and even across regions
  • Provide necessary paperwork for bank monitoring