A message from Joel Kamil, President & Owner

During the 25+ years as owner of my CPA company, Joel Kamil & Associates, I have observed, first-hand, my clients’ both personal and business related frustrations and stress associated with financial issues dealing with paying bills; often a very time-consuming, unorganized, inconvenient, stressful and dreaded monthly task.

It is through this experience that I realized the need for a service to assist both individuals and families with organizing and paying their monthly bills while giving them the confidence and trust that their finances are being proactively managed and handled securely.

I personally feel very strongly that particularly during these difficult economic times people are seeking ways to find more quality time in their lives and with their loved ones. Let Checks & Balances Plus take the burden of the bill paying task off of your plate so you can enjoy more of your life!

See one of my favorite cartoons below which depicts how I feel about paying bills.

Here’s what clients are saying about us…

“This letter is to thank the CBP team for making my life so very much easier! When Paul decided for us to come on board as a client, he was sooooo right! Due to a very busy lifestyle and travel schedule, my bills were never paid on time. The money was there….but since CBP took over, all bills are now paid on time; and what we were paying in late charges is being left in the bank. You have heard of the expression, “Free at last! Free at last !! Well, I am really there! We don’t have to worry about bills while on vacation!

Thank you all for a wonderful service and for making our Baby Boomer years more fun than ever!! “
Judy & Paul T., April 8, 2011

“Working with Checks & Balances Plus to pay my mother’s bills has truly been a pleasure and a much needed service. With CBP we are assured, monthly, that Mom’s bills are paid on time with no hassles; and the best part — we don’t have to worry about taking precious time away from visiting with Mom to stop and pay her bills. Additionally, it has put an end to the bickering and infighting among my family. I highly recommend CBP to anyone that wants and needs a true, no hassle, bill paying service to help with personal bill processing. It has given my family and me more opportunity to spend quality time together with Mom!”
Bill W., November 5, 2010

“My husband set up a Trust for my girl’s college expenses. We had been using a bank to handle the Trust’s transactions. We then transferred the trust from the bank and are using Checks & Balances Plus to pay the bills for the girls’ college expenses. Using Checks & Balances Plus to pay these expenses has been fantastic. The bills are paid timely and accurately and it is significantly cheaper than using the bank. I am so glad that this type of service exits. It has made this part of my life so much easier and more pleasant.”
Helen D., December 2, 2010